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This technique is based on compact movements that allow the players to be more efficient, while spending less energy and raising your game to the next level!

In order to help you develop more powerful strokes we will first go back to the fundamentals and make sure you master every shot with the proper technique. Hip and shoulder rotation are very important in this learning process since the rotation allows you to generate power and comfortably play the angles.

You will be taught the correct forward transfer of weight which allows you to transfer the weight into a shot, hence creating extra force which transfers into more speed or pace on your ball. The transfer of weight is important in all shots including the serve and volley.

Integrated in the 21st Century Tennis Technique are also several fitness and advanced movement training drills which will make you move around the court without getting tired.

Different game situations will be simulated so that you can work on your game strategy and mental toughness  in order to feel confident in many difficult game situations.

 Last but not least you will work on developing a good and reliable serve since in tennis your serve is the key to a well rounded game.


You will become a more confident tennis player. You will be able to quickly analyze your opponent’s game and dictate your own game by using what you have learned. Your strokes will be more powerful and more efficient. You will also be able to auto correct yourself while playing. Many players have mentioned this to be very useful in their matches. Your game will have risen to the next level!

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