Welcome to American Tennis Academy, in Saint-Martin




Our Junior Academy Program is designed for Juniors 12-16 years old who live on the island of St. Martin and who are dedicated to improving their tennis. The program consists of the 21st century intensive tennis training program including technique, strategy, fitness, strength training and match play.

We also organize various tournaments throughout the year where Junior’s are welcome to compete. Junior Academy runs a 90 minute training session 5 days a week. Each session is 60 minutes of tennis training (technique, strategy, practice routine, match play) and 30 minutes of physical fitness, strength exercises and stamina.

If you are interested in this program please give us a call at:

(00590) 690 38 22 17 or email us at tennisstmartin@gmail.com so that we can schedule an appointment.


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During the year many Junior tournaments are being held at American Tennis Academy.

Please inquire at tennisstmartin@gmail.com for our tournament schedule.

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