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 Tennis clinics for various skill levels are being offered. Clinics need a minimum of 4 participants to take place.

Beginners and Intermediate Players Program

This program is based on building the basic strokes for less experienced players. Tennis Pro Oliver will practice the forehand or backhand technique with you depending on the demand of the clinic participants. The goal of this program is to use fundamentals in order to raise the quality of your game.

Advanced Program 4.0 and above

This program is based on faster paced drills to develop consistency and quicker reactions towards your game. We will be working on depth, spin, pace and speed. The ball machine can also be integrated in this program to practice baseline shots as well as volleys. Video taping and Video Analysis is also available in this program.………………

Tournament Player’s Program

This program is based on improving match play. Positive thinking, tactics, strategy and fine tuning your serve are key elements in this program. Match play between the participants can be set up with immediate corrective techniques and tennis tips by Tennis Pro Oliver.

Doubles Strategy Program

If you are an avid doubles player you will find this to be a very interesting program. You will learn about the core doubles game strategy as well as specifics to the doubles game such as starting positions, roles of the players, communication, play after the serve and return, how to dominate the net, lobbing and covering lobs.

Upcoming Advanced 4.0 and above Clinics:

Monday August 06th – Friday August 10th, 2012

Monday August 13th – Friday August 17th, 2012

Monday August 20th – Friday August 24th, 2012

Monday August 27th – Friday Augst 31st, 2012

10 hours weekly packages $ 399.- per person

2 hours a day from 9-11a.m. Monday to Friday.

* minimum 2 participants / maximum 4 participants

RESERVATIONS AT: tennisstmartin@gmail.com

Reservation deadline is the respective Wednesday at 6 p.m. before each course commencement. Our regular cancellation policy applies.